About Us

Qplates.com.au is owned and operated by a fellow q plate owner and enthusiast.

Shane previously owned and operated NumberPlates.com.au, which is where many of our listings on qplates.com.au originated from.

We also run Heritage Number Plate Spotting on Facebook, which shares photos of dozens of heritage plates (including Q plates) every week.

The Facebook page has over 6,000 members, including plenty of plate owners, many of whom are both buyers and sellers of plates.

To get in touch with us please email shane at qplates.com.au

Do you offer a broking service for Q Plates?

Not currently. We simply provide a way for owners to list plates for sale.

It is up to the prospective buyer and seller to negotiate all terms and complete the transaction.

Will this site ever look more aesthetically pleasing?

Most definitely!

Do you have a catalogue of photos of Q plates?

We have hundreds of Q plate photos, all catalogued in numeric order.

Click here if you wish to waste a couple of hours looking at our great collection of photos.